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Let Us All Follow This Example!

As the web-coordinator for our church, whenever a contact comes in, it comes to me first and then I forward on to the appropriate person.

Although we never doubt what our pastor preaches or tells us about in his examples, today we have proof.

The following came in from someone he had contact with during his travels back from New York after Tony’s wedding.

Let us all follow this example!Have a Blessed and Very Happy Thanksgiving,~ Debbi

Mr Wright, I was your HERTZ Bus Driver today 25-Nov-2014 at LaGuardia Airport in NY. First off I would to say thank you to you both for your generous tip, that was not necessary was my pleasure having you both on my Bus. The best gift was the Two CD’S you gave me, I did listen to disk one and very much liked it. I was in Texas back in 2005 Working Hurricane Katrina & Rita working for FEMA. Love  the state, I was all over in Texas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Houston, Beaumont, Orange, Dallas & Austin. Also In Louisiana, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, so I did learn a lot while I was in these states. Once again thank you and it was a true pleasure meeting  you both. David C
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