Check Your Heart

“Correction is grievous to him that forsaketh the way; and he that hateth reproof shall die.” Proverbs 15:10

There are times in many of our lives that for one reason or another, we wander away from the truth. Of course we should guard against that. Somehow or another, the Holy Spirit will find a way to bring instruction and correction into our pathway. If I am of a “tender heart” before the Lord, I will receive His instruction and begin working on making adjustments. It may challenge me, but I will begin the process of change. However, if one finds that he or she does not want to be in the Presence of the Word of God that brings instruction, or if he or she runs from the Word when it comes forth, that is a signal of a heart issue that needs attention. It is an indicator that one has chosen to walk down a path that is not healthy, and if not dealt with, it can lead to some very damaging situations. Check your heart today. How are you responding to the correction and instruction that the Word of God brings into your life?

Scripture reading: Proverbs 15:12, 31-33


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